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Supercharge your website speed.

A 1 second delay may result an approximately 7% loss of potential conversions. These lost conversions may make or break your business. So why letting go a lucrative opportunity go away just like that?

A Fast Website Will
Convert Visitors Better

Deep Analysis

We perform a full assessment to determine suitable optimization modules that your site needs.

Assets Optimized

We'll optimize all your site assets and database, thus reducing load times and requests on page load.

Image Optimized

Optimizing images while leveraging latest gen image formats to dramatically improve load times.

No Unused Assets

Various plugins loads assets globally even if you do not need them. We will disable them individually.

Guaranteed Speed

An non-optimized site can realistically gain 30-50% load time reduction, even if your hosting is slow.

High Impact SEO

As real time loading speed affects your SEO, a fast, optimized site will benefit your business.


Improve conversions.

A good user experience will encourage visitors to convert more easily, whether it's a purchase or lead. Site performance and design do play a role in improving your conversion rate.

Big sites like Amazon have constantly evolved over the years to provide a better shopping experience for their customers and you should consider doing the same.


Achieve marketing goals.

Optimizing your site to accelerate the loading time will help you to reach your marketing goals. No matter if you are looking to improve conversion, reduce bounce rate, sales or just improving the service for your customers.

There is a lot of evidence showing the effect of a fast website on all these metrics, especially for the effect on revenues.


Better SEO ranking.

In order to be found in the universe of the internet, websites have to accomplish good scores according to the Google PageRank algorithm. Website loading time is included, but also some user experience metrics such as bounce rate and page views.

Google main goal is to satisfy visitors needs, so it penalizes with a lower rank the sites that fail to offer value to their visitors.

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The myths of site optimizations.

We try our best to display as much info as possible to help you be very clear on the potentials of the site optimizations package. If you wish to know more, do contact us.

Yes. This package is specifically designed around the challenges that WordPress sites face when comes to site speed. While many factors need to be considered, in general, most sites can achieve a realistic difference of 30-50% decrease in loading times.

Web hosting contributes most of the loading speed power. Therefore even the most complex of optimizations is partially hindered by the hosting capabilities. Lower budget hosting can likely experience a 10-20% difference in loading times, although the performance can vary greatly from site to site. Some sites with high performant themes on cheap hosting can also perform very well after optimizations.

Most sites, with exceptions to images focused sites like photography sites, generally do not need extremely high-resolution images on the site. Typical image compressions can dramatically reduce image file sizes (70-80%) without any noticeable difference in quality. Our more advanced optimizations can further push that to around 95% file size reductions, with an extremely minute difference in quality, which most general users will not be able to tell the difference.

Current image formats like JPG/PNG have their own pros and cons. New formats like .WEBP is a format that resulted from the best of both these current formats. Keeping the images at a very small file size and retaining the current quality is what makes this format the best format to be used in websites. This format only works in supported browsers and we will perform the conversion to ensure your site uses the .WEBP format to its fullest potential.

While there are very detailed reasons to this topic, in brief:

  1. Most users don’t know how to read a speed test, as these tests are meant for professionals only. (who understands the technical jargon and what each is used for, and whether if it's applicable to your site.)
  2. Speed tests encourage optimizing for speed scores rather than for users. (a site with a full score can still be very slow)
  3. Speed tests do not account for website-specific needs. (Is only assumes generally and every single site is completely different)

We optimize sites for users, real-life loading speed exceeds any expectations from a typical speed test. If your user loads the site quickly after optimization, then your site is fine.