WordPress Security

Run your business with peace of mind.

Managing your own WordPress site can get very complex, and worse if issues pop up (and they do, very often!) Keeping the site up to date takes up a lot of the time you could have spent on improving your business instead.

You can leave your content updates to us while you focus on your business. We are proud to be a part of your flourishing business.

Securing Your
Growing Business

Security Enforced

Mitigate various common attacks with our security services. We also monitor constantly for potential issues.

Disaster Mitigation

We make sure you can regain access or fully restore damaged site because of malware or cyber attacks.

Emergency Response

Sites that are attacked or infected are dealt with immediately as part of our emergency response, 24/7.

Visitor trust

Visitors trust websites that are secure.

Website visitors are more internet savvy this day, many are equipped with some basics of security knowledge when surfing the net. Even if they don't know the more technical aspects, visitors will look for simple signs (such as SSL) when they visit your site.

A secure site will no doubt improve your visitor's trust in your business, which leads to increased revenue.

data protection
data protection

Secure backups to protect your site & customer data.

A visitor signs up and entrusts their personal data with your business, how will you ensure their data is protected and not lost during a cyber attack?

Our solutions allows sensitive information to be stored in encrypted formats, while enabling consistent, multiple backups to ensure your data will never be lost.

Hardened Security

Cyber attacks improve everyday, your security should too!

Everyday, new methods to attack websites are developed and released into the wild, enabling thousands of sites to be breached every single day.

Your security modules will be constantly updated to keep up with new attacks, the moment news of these new methods begin circulating around the internet.

We also monitor for new vulnerabilities reported by several tech security media to ensure we are up to date with latest threats.


Start Securing
Your Business

Our security modules are included as part of our site care packages, along with our web development services.

Get help

Experiencing issues? Suspect your site got infected?

Whoa whoa, lets take a deep breath here. If you are experiencing issues with your site, let us have our experts take a look for you and help you determine the right course of action. Regardless of how big or small the problem is, we can take care of it for you.

Malware / Hack Cleanup



onwards, per site


WordPress Security is a need and not a luxury.

WordPress Security is just like an insurance for your business, its too late when the damage is done. Therefore it's imperative to have one set up for your business before any incident occurs.

Definitely not, no one can promise a website to be 100% guaranteed safe from hackers and future attacks. They are just after your money. The security modules are in place to ensure most of the typical WordPress attacks won't bring your site down. These modules are improving everyday, providing better protection as time goes by.

Even with the best security set up, attacks can still penetrate into your website and malware infections may still occur, but with out 24/7 site monitoring, we can drastically reduce the damage done by either cleaning the site or restoring with latest clean backups. We also have protocols in place when such events occur, and how to further harden your site against future threats.

All potential clients are advised to have this mindset before diving in with us.

Unfortunately for shared hosting, all websites that are hosted in the same shared hosting will need to be cleaned and reinforced when 1 site is confirmed to be infected.

Malware infections will spread to other site files within the shared hosting ecosystem.

We offer very good bulk discounts should you need to clean multiple sites.

Security modules introduced today is good up till today. Security is an ongoing process as we cannot predict future events or threats.

We however give a 1-month guarantee for all clients who are not with us on our site care package.

Malware infections behave just like the flu, once infected, it will spread across all files in your server, this will render your backups useless.

We utilize Amazon S3 storage and automate the backup process to ensure your backups are always safe. For an extra fee, we can of course provide even more external backup storage sources.

WordPress backups consist of 2 parts, the site files and database files. Both have very different methods of restoration which is more than just a simple copy and paste.

Although a lot of restoration methods are posted online, we highly advise to let the proper professionals handle this to avoid potential loss of data and irreparable damages.